Through the years

 Here are some of my designs through the years, for old time's sake.

My original product line is on the left. Occasionally I still use these molds.

Lavender squares (above right). I make a ton of this soap and have sold it at a lavender farm near me in the summertime.

Garden insects and flowers. I was told these look like petit fours. I still have these molds and these are fun to make. Roses. This soap is a Mother's Day favorite!

Rainbows and unicorns: "Unicorns dancing on the broken rainbows of 2020." (The soap is citrus-scented and I colored it with regular food coloring, which tends to run together after time. I have started using gel colorants or color blocks made for soap making instead.)

I used to do a lot of cute, "kid" designs like firetrucks, animals, insects and holiday-themed shapes (pumpkins, Halloween-theme, Christmas trees, hearts), and embedded toys or messages! (My kids are mostly grown so my designs have evolved.)

Thanks for your interest!


I started making soap at Christmastime one year when I was the single mom of three kids 5 and under. We needed teacher gifts and since money was tight, I figured that was a good time to teach kids about making homemade gifts.
I was considering either candles or soap and I decided on soap because I thought it was less messy (or any mess that was made would get whatever it landed on cleaner), and I wouldn’t have to dedicate all my pots and pans to the craft.

Standing around at my stove stirring soap was a peaceful time during an otherwise super-hectic period of my life. It gave me time to think about things and I dreamed up ideas for branding and packaging. I’ve tried a lot of different styles of soap over the years, which you can see on my Facebook page.

My original branding was "Next to Godliness Scripture Soap" and each bar came with a scripture verse. (There's a lot in the bible about washing.) I sold it at church fairs and craft shows and gave it as gifts. I had to create a non-churchy variety for school and other non-churchy occasions. But then my branding got muddy. Someone told me they checked out my website one time and were surprised to see that it was "all religious." Anyway, long story short. This is a new website and I've dropped the scripture part.

Check out my Instagram account to see my latest creations, like the lavender soap below, inspired by crystals and gems.


Thank you for your interest!

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